Rights and Responsibilities

Utah State University study abroad programs are designed to enhance and broaden your college experience. While
studying abroad is an opportunity filled with excitement and fun, it also demands a high level of personal responsibility.
We ask for your cooperation in assuming your full responsibility as a study abroad student and as an adult. Listed below
are some of the things you will be required to undertake as part of your study abroad program. While enrolled in the
program, students are subject to Utah State University rules, regulations, and policies.

Students are responsible for:
  1. Reading all information presented by the USU Office of Study Abroad, carrying out the tasks as outlined in these materials and responding promptly to communications from the Office of Study Abroad.
  2. Securing a passport and visa (if necessary).
  3. Returning all forms requested by the USU Office of Study Abroad on time. Refer to the “Checklist” for a reminder of the required forms.
  4. Complying with payment deadlines and financial aid instructions when applicable and to clear all holds on registration.
  5. Having adequate medical coverage insurance for the study abroad period including medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and supplying that information to the Office of Study Abroad; provide policy numbers and company.
  6. Providing information to the Office of Study Abroad about any medical conditions, allergies, medicines, etc, that may need special attention in an emergency.
  7. Meeting with an academic advisor for an academic advising session regarding study abroad course selection.
  8. Attending the pre-departure orientation meetings.
  9. Paying all fees and personal expenses incurred while abroad.
  10. Completing all academic work during the given time period, and read the credit transfer policy.
  11. Behaving in a manner respectful of the foreign culture, hosts and academic standards.
  12. Notifying the Office of Study Abroad of any changes of address, contact information-for pre-departure and on return.
  13. Educating themselves about their host country.
  14. Using good common sense and assuming responsibility for his/her own personal safety.
  15. Reading and following the regulations set forth in the Student Code, available at www.usu.edu → Index → Student Code
  16. Student's Rights and Responsibilities Form in printable version.